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Czech Republic

4199 евро
Среднее образование в Чехии
Поступление на бесплатное обучение в профильные школы и гимназии после 9 класса
Czech Republic
from 3100€
Specialization in the universities of the Czech Republic
Free study at state universities
13-21 рік Чехія, Франція
Літні канікули: Чехія + 1 тиждень у Ніцці
Вивчення чеської, англійської, німецької. Екскурсії в Дрезден, Відень, Канни і Монако.
13-21 лет Чехия
от 780€
Зимние каникулы в Праге (+Дрезден)
Каникулы с насыщенной познавательной и развлекательной программой
від 950 Євро
Літні канікули в Чехії
Запрошуємо Вас на унікальні канікули, що поєднують вивчення чеської, німецької або англійської мов (на вибір) з активним відпочинком і культурною програмою.
13-21 лет Чехия
Осенние каникулы в Праге (+Дрезден)
Каникулы с насыщенной познавательной и развлекательной программой
від 13 років Прага
2000 €
Літні канікули + американський курс інформатики Stanford University в Празі
Ексклюзивна програма літніх канікул, розроблена спільно зі Стенфордським університетом (США) і Чеським технічним університетом у Празі.
13-21 год Чехия
8 дней/7 ночей - 750 €
10 дней/9 ночей - 780 €
Весенние каникулы в Праге (+Дрезден)
Супер насыщенная весенняя программа в чарующей Праге.
Образовательный тур в Чехию
Откройте для себя все возможности бесплатного обучения в сердце Европы!
Czech Republic
4500 €
Recognition of doctor’s diploma
A successful and highly paid doctor career in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Geographical location: a bohemian country, sung by poets in Central Europe. It stores magic Celtic puzzles surrounded by low mountains (the Bohemian Forest, Sudetes, Ore Mountains, Šumava), flowing rivers (Elbe, Oder, Vlatava, Morava) and unique systems of underground caves.

In the Czech Republic, there is a historical heritage: Medieval castles, legendary silver mines, valleys and blooming nature.

Weather: beautiful soft climatic conditions without sharp changes.

Medicine and socialization: the European level and the quality of life in the country provides high employment of the population. The crime rate in the Czech Republic is low. For foreigners necessarily medical insurance. The Czech Republic is a twin country of Ukraine.

Events: the culture of the Czech Republic is very close to ours. There is a tradition of putting on embroideries.

There are many festivals in the Czech Republic. For example, the feast of St. Mikulas, the analogue of our St. Nicholas Day, is celebrated on December 6.

The architecture of the Czech Republic resembles the beauty of Lviv, but extols the notes of refinement and preservation of the cultural heritage of Bohemia.

Since Ukraine is reforming, the advantage of education in the Czech Republic for Ukrainians will be learning new models and systems of public administration for the development of their country. Experienced teachers will help in the study of new tools that will need to be introduced in new conditions.

Education: study in the Czech Republic has two linguistic directions:

– free education in the Czech Republic in the Czech language;

– the possibility of obtaining an education in English by special programs.

The results of the Ukrainian ZNO are not taken into account upon admission. Some specialties do not even have entrance exams.

The universities of the Czech Republic (Charles University, Technical University, Metropolitan University, Institute of Finance and Management in Prague and many others) open new opportunities and facets of personal development, and advanced information technologies will create a complete picture of the specialty being studied.

Also, while studying in Prague, students can work if they want, there is a program for official employment in Europe. And working in the Czech Republic, you can live. By the way, studying in the Czech Republic is not 4 years, but 3 for a bachelor and 2 for a master’s.

Not enough impressions? For the weekend, you can go to Poland, Slovakia or just another city in the Czech Republic. Under the international exchange program “Erasmus +” students can go not only to the countries of the European Union, but also in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Turkey.

Participation in the program allows you to study in other countries, take internships and gain experience in international companies. Show yourself – and you will have the opportunity to work in any participating country.

A variety of programs and opportunities allow you to choose what will become your profession, your life, your contribution to the future.