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Preparation to universities in Slovakia

Location: Slovakia, Banska Bystrica

Language: Slovak

Conditions:certificate of full secondary education, bachelor's / master's degree

Duration: 2-9 months

Dates: from September 15 to June 15, from July 4 to September 4 and from February 1 to June 15

Accommodation types: hostel

About school

For admission to free tuition in state Slovak universities, a certificate of knowledge of the Slovak language is required. Language school is a preparatory center at the University of Matei Bel. Here students study the Slovak language and are preparing to enter universities.

The preparatory programs of the center were developed jointly with the Philosophical Faculty of the State University of Matei Bel.
After successful completion of the course, students receive a language certificate confirming the level of proficiency in the Slovak language. You do not need to pass a language exam for admission, and many faculties can be done at all without entrance examinations.

Which universities in Slovakia can you do without examinations?

Directions of learning

Семестровые курсы

Semester courses in the Slovak language SEMESTER

Language level:from А1 to В2/С1

Duration: from 1 February to 15 June

Hours of language training: 370 hours

Cost of preparatory courses: 2000 €


Annual courses of the Slovak language STANDART

Language level:from А1 to В2/С1

Duration: from September 15 to June 15

Hours of language training: 650 hours

Cost of preparatory courses: 2900 €


Medical course

Language level:from А1 to В2/С1

Duration: from September 15 to June 15

Hours of language training: 650 hours

Hours of chemistry and biology: 64 hours

Cost of preparatory courses: 3150 €


Summer courses of the Slovak language

Language level:from А1 to В2

Duration: from 4 July to 4 September

Hours of language training: 650 hours

Cost of preparatory courses: 1700 €

100% guarantee of admission to the University of Matei Bela


Эксклюзивная программа «IC EXPRESS»

Уровень языка:от А1 до В1

Продолжительность: с 1.02. по 28.02., с 1.07. по 31.08. (2 этапа)

Количество часов обучения языку: 370 часов

Стоимость подготовительных курсов: 1900 €



This program allows you to enter 100% and start free education in one of the state universities of Slovakia immediately after receiving a certificate of complete secondary education — without losing a year to learn the language.

All training programs of the training center at the University of matej Bela are accredited by the Ministry of education of Slovakia, after completion of the courses a certificate of the state sample with an assessment of knowledge of the Slovak language is issued.

Preparatory courses "IC EXPRESS" include 370 academic hours of training. Training under the program takes place in two stages.

First stage: entrants even while training in the senior class come to Slovakia in the month of February, the duration of the study with 1.02. on 28.02. During this period, the study of the first level of the Slovak language A1 and submission of applications for admission to universities. The applicant has the right to submit any number of applications for admission.

The second stage: applicants come to Slovakia after graduating from secondary school / College and in the period from 1.07 to 31.08 pass the levels of study of the Slovak language A2-B1. At this point, they are already enrolled in the University of Slovakia and immediately after the courses begin their studies at the University.

This program is suitable for students who are planning to enter the Humanities, specialty "International relations", as well as for students who are going to study at Slovak universities in English.


free higher education at a state university (in Slovak)


low housing and food costs


possibility to travel around the countries of the European Union


internships in other countries under the Erasmus +


Possibility to choose preparatory courses for any period (from 2 months to a year)


registration of residence permits and the opportunity to find employment from the beginning of training in the preparatory courses



Accommodation in a hostel (double and triple rooms).

Amenities in the room (furniture, shower with hot and cold water, toilet, refrigerator, Internet, in some rooms – balcony with a view of the mountains). Kitchen on the floor Cleaning and linen change – once a week.

Protected territory, the curfew is in the dormitory. The cost of a comprehensive dinner is on average from 1.5 to 2 euros.

It is possible to stay in a rented apartment (at the student’s choice).


Language school is located in the city of Banska Bystrica, the very center of Slovakia. The city is located in the picturesque valley of the rivers Gron and Nitra. Banská Bystrica is a student, youth city. More than 25 thousand students from all over the world study at local state universities.

Slovakia is a picturesque country with resorts and great opportunities not only for study, but also for leisure – your student years will be an unforgettable, bright experience. Here, low costs for housing and food. Mentality and culture are close to Ukrainian, which will accelerate integration into Slovak society.

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