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Словакиясловацкийс 16 лет
Ознакомительная летняя программа
Курс для будущих студентов словацких вузов с изучением языка и сопровождением.
Preparation to universities in Slovakia
free study at state universities


Geographical position: The country in Central Europe is a neighbor of Ukraine, a hilly “pearl of the Danube”. The pride of Slovakia is folklore and national costume, which tells about historical metamorphosis.
In Slovakia, castles from the Middle Ages and rich architecture in the Gothic and Neapolitan style were preserved. With each trip for the weekend you will discover new faces of Slovakia.
Weather: The climate is mild, with clearly delineated borders of four seasons. The population is multinational.
Medicine: In Slovakia, health comes first. In the country there are many resorts with thermal waters.
Socialization: Slovakia is a country with a high standard of living and relatively low prices for food, shelter. The European level and the quality of life in the country ensures high employment of the population. The crime rate is low.
Culture: Slovakia extols folklore and therefore all festivals are saturated with authenticity. The most famous is the festival of spirits and ghosts in Bojnice Castle, it is pompous with the disguise of witches, ghouls, aliens and national heroes of Slovakia.
The European education corresponds to the realities of modern approaches in the implementation of new systems for state management and implements the model of three components: quality medicine – free education – the provision of a workplace.
Studying in Slovakia is conducted in several stages:
– preparatory stage – the student has the opportunity to study in preparatory courses (from 2 months to 1 year);
– free education in Slovakia in the Slovak language.
Also there is an opportunity to study in English (in that case, the tuition fee is paid).
The results of the Ukrainian ZNO are not taken into account upon admission. Some specialties do not even have entrance exams.
Universities in Slovakia provide an opportunity to study on advanced, new programs on modern technologies. And the program “Erasmus +” – the exchange of students, teachers (Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, members of the EU countries, Turkey) opens the possibility of employment in any country participant in the program.
The variety of programs and opportunities that the applicant opens from trips through Europe to healing in the thermal waters, from getting work on arrival to school until attending authentic festivals, from studying at preparatory courses to a student exchange program, make Slovakia attractive for admission to the university.
By the way, you will not have to study in Slovakia for 4 years, but only 3 at the bachelor’s degree and 2 years in the magistracy.
Higher education in Slovakia is a contribution to the future and your choice: to remain in the EU country or to return to introduce new tools in the development of Ukraine.
Your education is in your hands!